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Emergency First Aid at Work Feedback


These are just some of the comments that have been collected from various courses, all of which have been run since 1st January 2022. They have been reproduced as they were written and accurately reflect the positive feedback received on all Decisive First Aid courses.




Andrew was very knowledgeable and his real life experiences helped to illustrate the theory very well. Thank you!



Varied presentation methods - an enjoyable day.



Very good trainer with excellent presentation skills.



Good delivery of the course. Clear explanations and plenty of practice. The course helped me to feel more confident.



Overall, very good.



I thoroughly enjoyed the training. Andrew explained everything in a very easy to understand and cheerful manner.



A good mix of powerpoint and practical.



Brilliant. Have lef learning something new in a fun way.



Good course



Useful to have practical elements and role play to try situations. Resources to take away are useful. Individual resources useful during covid times. Thanks



Very approachable instructor.



Good training with practical view on different situations.



Enjoyable, informative, gave me confidence that I could deal with an emergency situation.



It has been a fun day and have learnt so much and I feel confident dealing with an emergency that arises.



This course was effective and very straightforward. Definitely gave me more confidence to act in emergency situations.



Andrew was excellent! Course was so interesting and engaging. The best first aid course I have done.



Andrew did a fantastic job and I've come away from this experience feeling very knowledgeable about the skills we have learnt.



Very clear and concise. Excellent information to have.



Enjoyed the scenario aspects and practising CPR to refresh myself and use of defibrillator.



Very interactive, gained valuable practical experience.



Huge thanks for your expertise and raising my knowledge and confidence which I will use when and if required.



Very useful to see how the AED we have access to works. Also helpful to see real life videos.



Roleplay was surprisingly stressful but very useful.



Very informative.



The course is good, explained well.



Wonderful training and definitely NOT boring as lots of practical examples which is best for retaining knowledge on how to act in emergency situation.



Lots of individual practise and advice.



Conducted very professionally and with thoughtfulness towards each individual. Imparted in a manner that was applicable to all present and appropriate to volunteer position and everyday situations.



I very much enjoyed this course and Andrew answered all of my questions effectively. He used good models to exemplify what we actually had to do.



Thank you - delivered in a very engaging format.



Really enjoyed it. Very helpful






Informative and Engaging



Explaining steps helps to keep me calm in stressful situations so thank you!



Very informative and the scenarios were a good way of learning to think and act fast when in (what could be) a stressful situation.



I enjoyed all of the course.



Expert knowledge by Andrew really helped to understand the different situations. The opportunities for practical tests were excellent.



Amazing training. Thank you.



Great course, had a good day. Thank you :-)



Professional delivery by Andrew, taking into account needs of individuals. Really enjoyed the role play. Training for real world situations with realistic level of equipment. Now understand how to use the defibrillator. Thank you.



Excellent trainer.



Good covid measures in place. Thank you. Varied styles. Liked mixture of indoors and outdoors.



Excellent knowledge, good pace, relevant range of content. Exceeded expectations!



Andrew is a great trainer, very knowledgeable and engaging and made the course enjoyable.



Good refresher course. Thank you.



Good training



A good mix of instruction and practical demonstrations. Andrew was an excellent trainer.



Andrew is an excellent, well presented, detailed instructor.



Very interactive and informative. Answered any queries with clear responses.



Really good course. Definitely worth doing.



Andrew was a very good trainer, informative and approachable.



Generally a good smooth experience.



Trainer made it enjoyable whilst still learning the content. Thanks Andrew :-)



Andrew has been very engaging. Great First Aid course. The role play was fantastic and engaging.



Well done! Lots of examples and practical things to do. 



Very good trainer. Would recommend Andrew.



Delivered at a pace and clarity which was easily accessible to all - thank you.



Very useful. Examples pertinent to our conservation jobs.



Very good and helpful to be able to include use and illustration of our own 1st aid kits.



Great job. Superb class/training.



Excellent course!!



Good up good work :)



It was really professionally done with all our needs considered.



Best training session.



Trainer was very good and made the course more understanding. Very good equipment.



Thank you!



It was a good course.



Good knowledge from life experience. So filled with confidence.



Really informative. Great day. Could tell Andrew really was passionate about the content.



This was the most comprehensive first aid course I have done. Excellent! Left feeling confident to use skills if needed. The practice was the best out of any first aid course I have done previously.



Very good trainer, funny, knowledgeable.



Excellent trainer



Very informative and engaging. Excellent time management



Everything was great; enough props and course information. Very professional.



Very well resourced and conducted; addressing the needs of all participants. An enjoyable day's training.



Very informative, engaging and easy to understand - thank you :-)



Instructor (Andrew) is excellent!



Very visual course with good use of aids, videos and diagrams. Very good explanations.



Pleasing experience and nt boring. Very informative and good instructor.



Thank you for a non-pressured day of learning and putting our skills to the test.



Fantastic day, very engaging and providing life saving lessons in a way that encourages participation.



I am really happy I chose Andy for our training. He listened to our set of circumstances and blended them into the course. I will be using Andy again as he hit exactly the right balance of training, information and a good atmosphere. thank you. 



Had a really good time, really enjoyed the learning.



Every part was engaging. Every part was done thoroughly. the role play scenarios were brilliant.



The course exceeded all my expectations.



Very enjoyable.




Feedback from Previous Attendees


  • Really enjoyable and informative course, delivered expertly. Support materials and teaching aids were great. Thanks
  • A great course, really enjoyed it. Many thanks.
  • A great course very safely delivered given the covid restrictions. Still able to think about incidents and be better prepared for what to do if they occur.
  • In depth training
  • Scenarios were very useful and informative, especially the reflective learning.
  • Another great day! Really enjoyed it. Many Thanks.
  • Well run and fun course despite the challenges of running in covid.
  • Strange times with Covid but course was well executed and great use of additional tools to support. 😊
  • Amazing course. I feel much more confident. Amazing trainer. I think this is the first training session I haven’t fallen asleep or even wanted to. Team Andrew 😊
  • Great course. Lots of work and commmitment from Decisive First Aid. Extra miles done for us to enjoy and to like the course. Very motivating.
  • The Instructor Andy was brilliant. He presented himself and course really well.
  • Very good course. Andrew was engaging and it was an interactive course, all done in a covid secure way.
  • Great course/Great Teacher – Would highly recommend.
  • Trainer delivered the course very well, kept us engaged.
  • Very well run – feel the course met my expectations and I feel confident to deal with issues.
  • Andrew explained things very clearly and was enjoyable to listen to. Just the right amount of information for a one day course.
  • Great course, good use of slides and practical exercises.
  • I particularly liked the friendly relaxed attitude.
  • It was interactive with real life examples.
  • I loved the practical method and I love learning more about helping people.
  • I learned new things I am confident will come in handy one day and hopefully be able to help someone should the situation present itself.
  • Really happy with the content we covered.
  • A very good day, enjoyable and informative.
  • Very organised event. Professional
  • Excellent course. Excellent tutor.
  • Very well delivered. Excellent equipment with a chance to try everything. Learning needs met. Thanks
  • Lovely First Aid course
  • Attended Emergency First Aid at Work course with Andrew in Stevenage this was an excellent course, very informative and all practical skills assessed.
  • As a person with dyslexia all possible assistance was given to me without any difficulty.
  • I liked the use of props to demonstrate.
  • Very much informative.
  • I particularly liked how the training linked to our own work environment. Very Interesting and easy to follow.
  • Andrew explained everything clearly and made the whole course interesting throughout.
  • I liked the scenarios.
  • I particularly liked the hands on training
  • Really good course.
  • Very informative. I feel I am prepared as I can be for if such a situation should arise. Fantastic Training.
  • Feel confident that if ever needed to put into practice/real incident, I would be happy to do so.
  • Good course, easy to follow.
  • The bespoke nature of the course and the overall delivery.
  • I particularly liked the experience of the trainer and relating to real life situations.
  • Great course, good use of slides and practical exercises.
  • I particularly liked the friendly relaxed attitude.
  • It was interactive with real life examples.
  • I loved the practical method and I love learning more about helping people.
  • I learned new things I am confident will come in handy one day and hopefully be able to help someone should the situation present itself.
  • Really happy with the content we covered.
  • A very good day, enjoyable and informative.

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