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Max Persons: 12    
Duration: 4 hours

Course Summary:
This module provides those who are successful with the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with catastrophic bleeding.


Who should attend?
The course is aimed at those people who work in high risk industries such farming, forestry, glazing, etc. Candidates must have a current valid First Aid At Work or Emergency First Aid At Work certificate.


  • Catastrophic bleeding
  • Trauma bandages
  • Haemostatic agents
  • Tourniquets
  • Crush injuries
  • Splinting
  • Hypothermia
  • Lyme’s Disease


Successful candidates will be awarded the ITC First certificate in Forestry First Aid. “+F” certificate, valid for 3 years.


Decisive First Aid is an approved training centre with ITC First Aid.


Duration: 2 hours
Group size: Maximum of 12 Candidates per 1 Trainer/Assessor
Assessment method: Activities, test paper, practical assessment
Pre-requisite: valid First Aid At Work certificate or valid Emergency First Aid At Work certificate. This module can be run as a standalone course or can be run at the end of either of the afore mentioned First Aid At Work courses.


£100 per person
inclusive of VAT, certification, first aid manual, refreshments.

Book Feb 10th, Hitchin Book April 17th, Hitchin Book Sep 18th, Hitchin


£480 per group
inclusive of VAT and certification


Feedback from Previous Attendees


  • I particularly liked how the training linked to our own work environment. Very Interesting and easy to follow.
  • Andrew explained everything clearly and made the whole course interesting throughout.
  • I liked the scenarios.
  • I particularly liked the hands on training
  • Really good course.
  • Very informative. I feel I am prepared as I can be for if such a situation should arise. Fantastic Training.
  • Feel confident that if ever needed to put into practice/real incident, I would be happy to do so.
  • Good course, easy to follow.
  • The bespoke nature of the course and the overall delivery.
  • I particularly liked the experience of the trainer and relating to real life situations.
  • Great course, good use of slides and practical exercises.
  • I particularly liked the friendly relaxed attitude.
  • It was interactive with real life examples.
  • I loved the practical method and I love learning more about helping people.
  • I learned new things I am confident will come in handy one day and hopefully be able to help someone should the situation present itself.
  • Really happy with the content we covered.
  • A very good day, enjoyable and informative.

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